Pricing structure for 2021

Prices include a dental examination, routine rasp and dental chart.

1 horse = £55

2 horses = £50 per horse

3 or more horses = £45 per horse

If a horse is booked in and a routine rasp for any reason is not carried out, a call out/time allowance fee will be charged instead of the above prices.

Group discounts are only valid for all horses or donkeys booked in at the same time and all treated for routine dental floats at the same time and location. A dental examination without a routine rasp does not qualify towards the above discounts.

Call out charges for dental examinations only start at £35 depending on number of horses requiring dental checks and distance travelled. Please enquire for a price.

Preferred methods of payment are either cash, card*, apple pay or cheque on the day of treatment.

*There is a 1.69% transaction fee with card payment. This method of payment is also dependent on mobile phone signal.




Unfortunately due to the increase in frequency of last minute cancellations and no shows a cancellation charge has been introduced:

There will be a 50% charge if the cancellation is within 24 hours of the appointment.

Lucy will ensure all clients are made aware of this when booking in so nobody feels caught out if this occurs.