About Lucy

Lucy is a BEVA/BVDA qualified Equine Dental Technician based in Cornwall. She is one of only a few people worldwide who has also achieved a First Class Honours degree in Equine Dental Science at Hartpury College. 


About Lucy

Lucy is a BEVA/BVDA (British Equine Veterinary Association/British Veterinary Dental Association) qualified Equine Dental Technician based in Cornwall. She is one of only a few people worldwide who has also achieved a First Class Honours degree in Equine Dental Science at Hartpury College, in Gloucestershire. Lucy's university research was published in the conference proceedings of the 2013 BAEDT (British Association of Equine Dental Technicians) congress.

Lucy is fully insured with Eastlake & Beachell and tailors her dental work to your horse/donkey's individual requirements. She will provide a chart of your horse's dentition and will show you the work that has been carried out.

Lucy is always looking to advance her current knowledge and refine techniques by continuing professional development through regular work placements, training and equine dental courses.

Lucy Evans horse dental Cornwall

Lucy's 5 year process of Equine Dental Training 

Equine Dental Cornwall Lucy Evans

Lucy began her equine dental training at Hartpury College in 2010. During her spare time at university, she was keen to gain as much practical experience as possible so formed an ongoing apprenticeship with BAEDT member, Dorian Harwood, in Buckinghamshire. Over the next few years Dorian kindly shared his knowledge and experience whilst helping Lucy build her confidence, strength and determination, turning the dream of becoming an Equine Dental Technician into reality. Despite the distance from Cornwall to Buckinghamshire, she regularly travelled to work with Dorian to help him out on his busier days until she qualified in 2016.


Lucy has also worked alongside BAEDT and equine dental specialist Veterinary Surgeon Pete Ravenhill, who is based in Gloucestershire. Pete has generously supported Lucy towards gaining her advanced case studies in order to be able to sit the BEVA exam in 2016. He has also allowed her to visit and watch during his advanced dental procedures. 

Lucy has also practised equine dentistry alongside many other qualified BAEDT members since her time at university which has enabled her to experience a vast range of methods and techniques helping her to develop and refine her own dental work.

Soon after Lucy qualified with her degree in 2013 she moved back to Cornwall. In that same year the BAEDT created a student membership specifically for those who would like recognition, guidance and support in the process of becoming BEVA/BVDA qualified. With the acceptance of her degree, approved references from BAEDT members and equine dental insurance, Lucy became a recognised student member of the BAEDT in 2013 whilst working towards becoming qualified. This involved spending following few years juggling multiple jobs, investing financially and travelling regularly throughout the country whilst gathering a wide range of case studies which were then submitted and rigorously checked 6 months before taking a practical exam. She passed her exam in 2016 making her a BEVA/BVDA qualified Equine Dental Techncian.

Lucy is very grateful to numerous BAEDT members and local veterinary practices who have helped support her during the 5 and a half years training before taking the BEVA equine dental exam. She hopes to, one day, be able to teach equine dentistry to students and fill them with the confidence, knowledge, and experience that others have kindly passed on to her.